Website and all content are property of Tom Elledge unless otherwise stated.  Do not use without permission.  March 2012 Your one stop source for business advertising and promotion.    Made with Xara Want to make some extra income?  Have design experience?    Before you get started we want you to know about a few things you will need to begin this wholesalers process.  First, you should have some general background in layout and design. You will need a quality design program that allows you to create your designs on the vector template file we provide. You should talk to your local and state government to make sure it’s approved in your area to do this type of work, You will need to get a sales tax ID # (we require a copy of this) and perhaps a city license to sell these items in your community. The premise is simple, once a wholesale member, you are given your account number and place all orders with the account number. You will receive a massive discount on all orders that you create yourself from that point on.  Your goal should be to place 1 order with several customers’ orders to save money on shipping.  By doing this, you will save even more money than the already discounted first order sale price. Then your customers come pick them up, or you deliver them. The added order savings can make the difference of per order profits of $25 to $45 depending on the number of orders and your retail pricing. We will provide free templates, price lists, specials, free fonts and so much more.  This will take some time to understand how everything works, but we are here for you.  If you treat it like a business, it will pay you back for it. Trust me.  There will be a small start up package fee which will include some of the already mentioned items, price list and study sheets to make sure you’re trained properly. If you think you would like to go further with this, please contact me. DVD Covers Business Cards Brochures Post Cards / Announcements Shipping Labels