Website and all content are property of Tom Elledge unless otherwise stated.  Do not use without permission.  March 2012 Your one stop source for business advertising and promotion.    Made with Xara The same big 3 concept holds true in all forms of advertising and marketing. This is why we offer web design and hosting services to your business for as little as $69 a year. Yes, that is cheap!  Contact me to find out more about that awesome special. Creativity, Color and Communication Do I need a website for my business? You may disagree with me, but I believe that if you have a business that deals with the public in any form or fashion, you need a presence on the web. If you want to discuss the possiblities of having your own website, we would be glad to do that.  We are here to assist you better your business with the best methods of name recogition availible. Seriously; If anyone in the last year has asked you if you have a website or asked for further information via email, you should really consider the benefits of a website. Some things to think about... If you want to get rich by having a website that everyone in the world is going to visit, then we need to talk soon and I will let you down easy... All kidding aside though.  If you seek to have a quality presence that you and others can refer people too, we can help you with that. If you desire to be found in search engines, we can help with that. Want to sell a few items on your website, sure, we can set that up as well. If you’d seriously like to know more about improving your company with a quality, functional website like this one, please contact me today. Hosted Websites These are a couple of the websites that we are currently hosting. All websites are not the same, after all how boring would that be?! Most of these sites are being hosted for only $69 a year. Call me with your questions, I am ready to talk. henderson fire dept. lj’s handyman llc  Ed-Co class of 1981  Oasis Well & Pump Norfork Lake Baptist